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I sit here smoking this square. A different person than I was before. A child thinking about the next party to attend, getting drunk and being reckless. Not until recently I’ve witnessed an event a personal one. A event that pushed me into adult hood. A even that made me actually think about what I was doing. Made me think about what I was going to do next with my life. Something that I would of probably never of went through if it wasn’t for what I went through that night. I was told by my mother that I drank to much. That I would always go out and drink. Wasting money on booze and drugs. “you’re going to become a alcoholic why aren’t you studying. .” my response I’ll never become what you were I’ll be better than you. I kept repeating that over the years. Every weekend a new party and more money spent instead on things for myself. I sit here today realizing that what I’ve done for the past years has been irresponsible and immature and that my mother was only trying to guide me. I was blinded by liquor and drugs. That night I will never forget. That night was the night that made me realize how fortunate I was and how lucky I was to be let go so easy. Made me think about the rest of my future and how important it is to get my education and become something in this world. Something I can push myself toward. Something I can make of myself. I’m surrounded by people that actually care about me and motivate me to go beyond that idea I have and actually go for the dreams I want to pursue. I wake up in the morning thinking about how successful I will be. I get that feeling in my stomach everyday knowing that I’ll become something. It’s that mind set that keeps me going, that excitement, that of knowing that I’ll be something.


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Anonymous asked: Are you truly happy?

yeah i am actually. pretty content with life

Anonymous asked: How old are you?

im 20


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"Seduce them with your intelligence, then kill them your smile."

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